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Marta offers her clients the following services.


If you have assets in Spain and wish to control how they are managed should you die, you must have a Spanish will. This is true even if you already have a will in your own country. Having a Spanish will allows you to leave your estate to whomever you choose, subject to your own national legal requirements rather than having this decided by default under the Spanish system. It also helps to avoid time consuming and expensive litigation procedures for your heirs in Spain and their home country.

Marta offers her clients the following services

  • A bilingual Last Will and Testament.
  • Assistance before a Notary Public to register the will.
  • Estate transfers to heirs.
  • Estate distribution to heirs.


Marta also offers the following services to those who inherit Spanish properties or assets when their owners die with or without a valid will:

  • Obtaining the official Death Certificate copy.
  • Request of Will Certificates from the Spanish Central Registry of Wills.
  • Obtaining the Wills from the Notary Public where they were signed.
  • Gathering statements from intestate heirs when no will is available.
  • Assisting with the acceptance procedures of the inheritance.
  • Distribution of the inheritance.
  • Registration of the new owner’s inheritance at the Land Registry.
  • Arrange Inheritance Tax payments.


Peter Johnstone
Peter Johnstone
Marta and her team provided us with what I can only describe as excellent service throughout the purchase process for our house in Spain. They were always responsive to our questions despite differences in time zones, advocated on our behalf, and made the whole process very painless. I certainly recommend Marta to anyone considering a property purchase in Spain. Thanks Marta!
nathalie pieters
nathalie pieters
It took us some time to find the house of our dreams in Spain. During this whole process Marta was always there for us to give us advise, answer our questions and finally help us buy our house. We highly recommend her!
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen
My husband and I wanted to buy a property which was within the parameters of a national park. After researching the process we came to know that we need a lawyer who can handle such a complex purchase process. Marta saved us from this hassle. Firstly, she speaks very well English. Secondly, she goes beyond the expectation became a friend who not only helps but advocates our rights which we even didn’t know about. We are now happy owners of our farm thanks to her.
Asta Bri
Asta Bri
Marta helped us to purchase an apartment in Valencia. She did an excellent job. Everything from the very beginning was clear and understandable, she was very thorough with the process and we were very lucky she had a time slot to take us in as her clients. The communication was very smooth. We had million question that she answered without hesitation, explained everything in detail, kept us updated on the matter. Our home purchase process was full of unexpected issues that Marta has dealt with in an exceptionally timely and professional manner. I would most definitely recommend Marta to anyone who's thinking of buying property. This is one of the easiest recommendations I have given. I'm 100% guaranteed she will fulfil or exceed your expectations!
madeleine de Bree
madeleine de Bree
We had a lovely and very good experience with Marta Romero buying our new home near Gandia. Buying a house in Spain turned out to be easy with Marta. It all went smooth and fast. We did an offer on Monday and on Thursday we were signing the first contract, opened our bank account and did everything what was officially needed to start the purchase process. Marta is knowledgeable and knows the way how to support you best, from NIE, technical reports, cadaster challenges, finance and of course all legal details. We would highly recommend working with Marta for a worry-free experience.
Mark Nottingham
Mark Nottingham
I was really happy with the service provided by Marta. She was very responsive when I had questions and ensured that the transaction was concluded in a timely and efficient way. Buying a property in Spain is a very different process to the UK and Marta's advice, all delivered with good humour, was invaluable.
Marlen Lawrenz
Marlen Lawrenz
Marta is a very experienced lawyer - diligent, efficient and thorough, and acts with great integrity and professionalism. She understands her clients' needs, speaks fluent English and communicates extremely well; key documents are provided in both Spanish & English. I highly recommend getting in touch with her as soon as you consider buying a property so that she can explain the process, give advice and guide you through the transaction.
Matt Robson
Matt Robson
Marta has overseen all of the important steps necessary for purchasing property in Valencia. She has many valuable contacts to help with banking, taxes and surveying amongst many other things! She manages to combine humour and an ability to lower stress levels with a great focus and professionalism. Highly highly recommended.
We have only words of praise. Having Marta by our side on our journey to buy our home in Valencia was helpful and comforting. She helped us to navigate many issues that, without her, would have cost us additional time and money.
Teodor Hocevar
Teodor Hocevar
Marta is a great lawyer and a person. She made the whole process of buying a house in Spain successful. Marta also helped us obtain all the documents necessary like NIE, residencia, empadronamiento,... Marta you made my dreams of moving to Spain come true. Thank you soooo much Marta😊🇪🇦🌊🌞


Marta Romero is part of a team of lawyers specialized in different legal areas:

Marta has an international background of legal experience and, where appropiate, collaborates with qualified lawyers in other legal jurisdictions, such as England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA


  • Prompt and accurate translation of legal documents, eg. birth, death and marriage certificates.
  • Explanation of legal terms to enhance understanding where necessary.
  • Face to face discussions in order to resolve complex translation matters.
  • Assistance at the Notary as interpreter on completion of purchase or sale of property.